How to save time and money on your next docking operation?

How to save money on your next docking operation

Time is money and docking takes time. That´s a fact! Read on, and I will reveal how to save time and money on docking operations next time you need to leave the field.

You can off course start by downloading our free planning guide for dry-docking operations here.

Night shift to speed things up

If your main challenge is the off-chart time, you will have to do a lot of planning to get things done. Talk to your preferred shipyard about workers going night shift to speed things up.

It may seem expensive, but it is a cost-benefit question. Can you afford to have your vessels out of traffic for a period? Or will they make more money sailing?

I will guess you can complete a dry-docking operation in four to seven days if everything is working out, like you planned. This includes maintenance below the waterline.

If you can stay at quay a day or two before going into dry-dock which is less expensive, there are plenty of work to do aboard not needing dry-docking.

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Stay ahead of schedule

Be sure to make a list of work to be done and be sure to communicate this to your shipyard in time. With accurate descriptions, we can order in the right amount of service parts and get a hold of the right technician to perform the job. This aspect is important. Getting the right people ready.

Without descriptions and planning ahead, we often see problems getting hold of the experts on short notice.

For example, if you are in need of divers performing operations below the waterline by the quay, you must plan this in time. Be sure to stay ahead of schedule at all times!

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Technicians onboard

In many cases work can be performed when sailing towards the shipyard. Let us send our crew of technicians onboard for the last couple of days before arriving at the shipyard.

This is often a good solution for ferries and vessels sailing in daily commercial traffic. It will cut the time of docking – no doubt.

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Get things done

Earlier on I wrote that a dry-docking operation could be performed in four to seven days. Of course, this is according to what kind of work there is to be done.

Are you going in for a main classing it will take more time than an intermediate classing.

Also, if you perform work that needs curing this will have to take place in the dry-dock, and it takes time.

Thruster maintenance and engine overhaul is the most time-consuming work to be done. Then you will be docking for 3-4 weeks. In most cases, you will make it in 2-3 weeks.

Anyway - when spending time in the dock for an amount of time, be sure to get a lot of things done.

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Image: Andre Osmundsen, Equinor

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