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Economy in planning for your yard stay

Let´s face it; dry docking is an expensive process which requires systematic and efficient planning and cost estimation to minimize overhead costs along with another unnecessary spending.

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Posted by Karsten Jensen on 24 apr 2018

Topics: Docking, classing, shipyard, periodic surveys, dry-docking

Box coolers - the great uncertainty

Box coolers are the great uncertainty when going to dock with your ship. Is it leakage? Is it corrosion in the flange? Is it damage to the pipes? Every ship inspector knows the cost of large improvement of box coolers. Don´t be surprised!

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Posted by Robert Berge on 17 apr 2018

Topics: Docking, shipyard, periodic surveys, box coolers

Which factors should determine your choice of shipyard and dry-dock?

When choosing the right shipyard for classing, repair or conversion there are some critical factors on which you will base your decision. Here is an overview of what I recommend you should consider before selecting the right shipyard.

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Posted by Arild Stølen on 10 apr 2018

Topics: Docking, classing, shipyard

Welcome to The Maritime & Offshore Blog

This blog is brought to you by GMC Maritime. It is the new place where maritime, oil and energy people go to share their knowledge and learn new stuff. Why? Because we believe that you, like we do, want to grow as a professional and maximize your..

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Posted by Olav A. Stople on 10 apr 2018



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